34th Birthday

Hello everyone! How you guys doing ? I hope you guys are doing fine and great. Me and family just recovered from Covid 19. It really give impact to me. It took us about 14 days to recover and it's so upsetting. Fully vaccine doesn't mean you wont get it ok! So always be careful and take good care of yourself alright?

Today is my 34th birthday but I don't how to describe how I feel today. As if something is missing in my heart. The feeling isn't the same as I would always feel. As I'm typing this, I feel like tears in my eyes. I'm grateful for another year older, grateful Allah gave me another chance to live. Praise to Allah for giving me this life and for all the things and people around me. I can't be Thankful enough!

My wish for this year a better year then last year. Wish for Allah blessing for every breath and life that is given to me. I wish I could fulfil my dream before Allah take me away.  For as long as I live, I hope to make many more people smile, to make my family and kids happy. I might not be able to give them wealth but I want to give the best I can to them. They're my everything! Without them my life would be empty! 

Anyway! my husband did something crazy with DJ Nity 89.7FM. It was a shocking and first even prank that he did to me! Thank you husband for your craziness that make me smile.

Thank you for reading my short blog! Wish you all a Happy week ahead and Stay safe and healthy! 






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